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Dubai Private Tour offers exciting and enlightening Al Ain city tours that allow you to explore the heritage, culture and attractions across Al Ain, which is the biggest in-land city in the UAE. Located merely a two-hour drive from Dubai, Al Ain is the perfect weekend getaway where you can spend time amidst tree-lined avenues, mini oases, parks and history that will keep you entertained and busy.


Our Al Ain city tours cover numerous attractions that will give you a glimpse of this traditional Emirati city that has embraced modernity with open arms. Here are some of the things to do during your city tour of Al Ain:

Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet is the tallest peak in Al Ain at 1,249 meters. Dubai Private Tours can arrange for an air-conditioned car to take you to the top of the peak, from where you can get panoramic and mesmerizing views of the surroundings and the city.


We make sure that you stop at the foothills of the mountain, where you can see more than 500 ancient tombs. Then you can proceed on the 12-kilometer road to get to the summit. The drive is enchanting with 21 turns and lush greenery on both sides.

Al Ain National Museum

If you are keen to learn more about the history, heritage and culture of Al Ain and the UAE, you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Al Ain National Museum. It can be awe-inspiring to see archaeological finds and arti facts, some which date back to the Stone Age.


The museum has two sections, namely the Ethnographic Section and the Anthropological Section. In the first section, you will be able to learn more about the lives of the people before discovery of oil while in the other section, the exhibits focus on antiquities, like jewellery, weapons, coins, and pottery.

Al Jahili Fort

Dubai Private Tour’s Al Ain city tours make a stop at Al Jahili Fort, which used to serve as a defensive fortification to protect the city from marauders and invaders. Built in a typical military architectural style, the fort has been restored and functions as a museum. The architecture is worth admiring.


The north wing houses permanent exhibits by Wilfred Thesiger, a British traveler and photographer. The west wing is used for temporary exhibitions while the east wing houses a bookstore and the information centre.

Al Ain Oasis

Al Ain Oasis is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first in the UAE. The palm plantations are mesmerizing while the 3,000-year-old irrigation system will leave you in awe. The system is used even today to irrigate farmland and plants lying outside the oasis.


You can take part in curate activities and explore the oasis through public access areas. You will find the entire experience fun and educative.


Camel Souk

Al Ain city tours are incomplete without a visit to the iconic camel souk of Al Ain. This is the sole remaining camel market in the UAE. You will find it fascinating to see sellers display their camels in pens.


Sellers sell different types of camels, like milk camels that are distinguished by their rounded bellies and racing camels that have long legs and thin hips. You can explore the market at your own pace. Be ready for the stink, but it will be worthwhile!


Get in touch with Dubai Private Tour today to learn more about our Al Ain city tours. We provide bespoke tours with English-speaking guides. We also have guides, who can communicate in other European and Oriental languages.