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ETM is a comprehensive travel agency that primarily caters to the needs of business travelers and company executives. Our services are designed to assist those who are obligated to travel globally to enhance their respective employers’ business endeavors.

Corporate Travel Services

Equator Corporate Travel Services: Revolutionizing Business Travel Experiences

ETM is a full-service travel agency geared to mainly serving the business traveler, and other company executives, who are required to travel to the far corners of the world, to further the business of their respective employers. Thus, ensuring their safety to and fro the journey carries forth profound commercial implications in addition to the natural desire for personal safety when overseas on a trip. ETM has a dedicated in-house team of experienced travel consultants, who bring forth a wealth of experience to assist in all manner of travel planning, be it to major western business centers in Europe and the Americas, Asia-Pac, or if business requires travel to relatively less developed parts of the globe. ETM will professionally manage your entire round trip.

Realize Dramatic Savings On Airfare

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We secure agreements with vendors for you at prices lower than what many others offer. We are committed to providing our customers with transparent pricing and do not engage in any unnecessary charges. Unlike our competitors, we have a straightforward fee structure that is easy to comprehend. Generally, our fees amount to 1-3% of your overall annual travel expenses. In most situations, we can save you even more than that.

Business Travel

ETM is a leading provider of business travel services that aims to streamline and enhance the efficiency of corporate travel. With our expertise and extensive network of suppliers, we offer comprehensive travel solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses. From organizing flights and accommodations to managing ground transportation and itinerary planning, our team ensures that every aspect of business travel is seamlessly executed. Our personalized approach, advanced technology, and dedicated support team make us a trusted partner for companies seeking to optimize their travel management process and provide their employees with a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

Efficient Travel-Planning

Equator provides a variety of booking options for its users. This includes the ability to book through the equatortravels.com portal, either by the individual traveling or by the executive from the HR or admin department of the travel-planning company. Users have the choice to use the responsive websites or download the Mobile App for quick and efficient travel planning and booking. Apart from the self-service portal, corporate travel can also contact us through email, WhatsApp, or by reaching out to our contact center/helpdesk representatives.

Maximizing Safety

We understand the significance of giving priority to safety in executive travel. To ensure the utmost security for our clients, we have implemented various measures that aim to enhance safety during corporate travel. They have established a strong global network of trusted partners and vendors who undergo meticulous vetting to meet the highest safety and security standards. In addition, Equator provides comprehensive risk management services to its clients. Their dedicated team conducts thorough risk assessments for each destination and creates personalized travel risk profiles. This enables them to keep their clients informed about potential risks and hazards such as political instability, natural disasters, or health issues, empowering them to make well-informed decisions regarding their travel plans. Equator’s commitment to working with reliable partners, conducting detailed risk assessments, offering round-the-clock support, and utilizing advanced technology ensures that executives can travel with peace of mind, knowing that their safety is the top priority at every stage of their journey.

Private Flight Charter / Business Jets

Our flight charter desk was created to cater to a diverse range of clients, including royalty, private offices, government officials, multinational executives, celebrities, media personalities, and other high-net-worth individuals. These individuals require private and exclusive air transportation due to the nature of their professions and lifestyles. To meet their demands, we have established connections with international chartering agencies, allowing us to offer a wide selection of aircraft that can meet any specific requirement. Our fleet includes both jet-engine and turboprop aircraft, with the latter being particularly suitable for destinations in Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, and other exotic locations.


On-Demand Medical Evacuation Anywhere, Anytime!

We offer air ambulance services worldwide, ensuring the best care for you and your loved ones, no matter how challenging the situation. Our range of services includes medical bed-to-bed private air ambulance for critical patients, non-emergency medical escort on commercial flights, assistance with commercial stretchers, flying ICU with expert medical teams, and 24×7 support. Our highly skilled experts are available to guide you in selecting the most suitable service for your medical transfer. We guarantee swift and secure transportation, with every aspect of the transfer being supervised by experienced aircraft coordinators. Our dedicated team of pilots and medical professionals are reliable and experienced, providing advanced ICU/ER care. We accept even the most complex and risky medical emergencies that other companies may decline. Our utmost dedication to our patients sets us apart, with every detail of the air ambulance facility being taken care of from start to finish. We are transparent about our fees, providing full payment details without any hidden charges.


We offer air ambulance services worldwide, ensuring prompt and efficient medical transfers for you and your loved ones. Our team is equipped to handle any medical emergency, providing private air ambulances for critically ill patients and medical escorts on commercial flights. We also arrange commercial stretchers and flying ICUs, staffed with expert medical teams available 24/7. If you’re unsure about the most suitable option for your medical transfer, our skilled experts are here to assist you. We guarantee swift and safe transportation, with every aspect of the transfer overseen by our experienced aircraft coordinators. Our dedicated pilots are highly reliable, and our medical team has extensive ICU/ER experience. Even in challenging situations that other companies may refuse, you can count on us to deliver. Our focus on personalized care sets us apart, and we handle every detail of the air ambulance service from start to finish. Our payment details are fully transparent, with no hidden fees.